Seniors living around the designated areas are encouraged to participate in active ageing. Our centres act as a communal space for elderly to socialise with their peers and find meaningful support. We conduct purposeful activities such as karaoke, art & craft and exercise sessions to keep the elderly engaged.

Our services at Senior Activity Centres are free for elderly 60 years old and above who requires help with daily living activities and have little or no family support. Please approach our staff to check your eligibility to enrol for our free services.

Communal Space for Social and Recreational Activities

  • Befriending
  • Information and Referral
  • Managing Emergency Alert Response Calls
  • Monitoring Frail and / or Home-Bound Elderly
  • Social Activities and Programmes that Promotes Intergenerational Bonding

We Provide the Following Services:

Senior Activity Centre / Active Ageing Centre

Active Ageing CentreMarsiling

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Active Ageing CentreChai Chee

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Active Ageing CentreGolden Saffron

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Active Ageing CentreWhampoa Dew

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Active Ageing CentreDepot Heights

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Senior Activity CentreHougang

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Day Activity CentreEunos

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Active Ageing CentreSerangoon

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Care Close to Home (C2H) with AIC

Aims to ensure a continuum of care for the frail and vulnerable elderly, through a smooth transition from the acute/ sub-acute setting back to the community and vice versa.

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Provide Holistic Assistance for the Elderly
  • Provide Support Coordination, Assistance, Personal Care and Social Support Within the Community
  • Reminding Clients of their Medical Appointments

Care Close to Home (C2H)

Care Close to HomeMarsiling

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Care Close to HomeChai Chee

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